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Curriculum Vitae


2020-present. PhD. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Tulane University, New Orleans, La. U.S.A.

2015 Fall . BSc. Biology, minor Chemistry. University of the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas

2012 Fall. AA. Biology, minor Chemistry. Bahamas Baptist Community College, Nassau, Bahamas


Feb 2018- Jul 2020 Assistant Retreat Curator at Bahamas National Trust Retreat Garden    

New Providence Island, Bahamas

Manage the horticulture program, accessions, and palm collections for the Garden, with a focus on propagating native Palms and developing nursery stocks.

Coordinate with Science & Policy Department to facilitate research and outreach.

Manage grounds staff, interns and volunteers, and oversee the execution of work plans.

July-Aug 2015; Oct 2016-Aug 2017 Resident Intern at Forfar Field Station International Field Studies, Inc. Andros Island, Bahamas, Supervisors: Kate Hammond and Elizabeth Richardson

Facilitated remote field study courses and research resources for educators. PADI SCUBA diving program.

Organized and taught ornithology, island botany and biology, and herpetology field studies.

Co-instructed sailing program from Andros Island to Berry Islands in The Bahamas (lead snorkel trips and mentor students) 

Assisted with field research (Bahamian Land Crab Project, Andros Island)

Performed general grounds-keeping and maintenance duties including watercraft operation and maintenance and off-road vehicle operation.


Johnson, S., & Yates, S. S. (2020). First records of the North American Green Treefrog (Hyla cinerea) on New Providence, The Bahamas . IRCF Journal , 257-258

Herrmann, N. C., Yates, S. S., Fredette, J. R., Leavens, M. K., Moretti, R., & Reynolds, R. G. 2018. Lizards on Islands within Islands: Microhabitat Use, Movement, and Cannibalism in Anolis sagrei (Brown Anole) and Anolis smaragdinus (Bahamas Green Anole). Caribbean Naturalist 50:1-17.

Stonko, D.C., L.E. Rolle, L.S. Smith, A.L. Scarselletta, J.L. Christhilf, M.G. Rowley, S.S. Yates, S. Cant-Woodside, L. Brace, S.B. Johnson, and K.E. Omland. 2018. New documentation of pine forest nesting by the Critically Endangered Bahama Oriole (Icterus northropi). Journal of Caribbean Ornithology 31:1-5.

Johnson, S., P. Loring, D. Jones, and S. Yates. 2018. Atypical foraging habitat use by Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus) in the Bahamas. Journal of Caribbean Ornithology 31:65-67.


Feb 2016 Piping Plover Census January North and Central Andros, and Ragged Island, Bahamas

Conduct bird census and identify other shore bird species.

Feb 2016- Ecology and Population Biology of Ameiva auberi bilateralis

Independent undergraduate student research, Ragged Island, Bahamas

capture Ameiva spp., temporary tag animals with white out, collect biometric data in remote location

2013-2014  Biology of Rhinella marina, a Newly Introduced Species in the Bahamas

Independent undergraduate student research 

Collect toads, determine sex, dissect and analyze stomach content, collect biological data.

May – Jul 2015 Ecology of Ameiva auberi thoracica  

Summer internship research, Leon Levy Plant Preserve, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas

Capture Ameiva spp., collect biological data in remote location,


May 2019 -Convergence of Urban Adaptive Responses in the Lizard Genus Anolis

Kingston, Jamaica; mentor: Kristin Winchell (Losos Lab, Washington University)

Captured two species of Anolis. Tagged lizards with injectable elastomer, assisted with x-ray, digital toe pad scans, dewlap photos and spectrophotometry. Collected ecological habitat data.

Jul-Aug 2016- Sympatric speciation of Anolis spp.

Long Island, Bahamas; mentor: Nicholas Hermann (Losos Lab, Harvard University)

Captured two species of Anolis, tagged lizards with injectable elastomer, and assisted with x-ray and digital toe pad scan in remote locations.

May - Jul 2016-Bahamas Swallow Project

Abaco, Bahamas; mentor: Maya Wilson (Virginia Tech)

Conducted pine forest plot and snag surveys and captured swallows by mist, band birds and collect DNA blood samples-net in remote locations.

Apr 2014, Apr 2015; Jun 2016 -John G. Shedd Aquarium of Chicago, Illinois

Exuma Cays and South Andros, Bahamas; mentor: Charles R. Knapp

Captured lizards Cyclura cychlura spp., took blood samples, and Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tagged rock iguanas in remote locations.

Jun 2016 -Bahamas Oriole (Icterus northropi) Project

Andros, Bahamas; mentor: Kevin Omland (Omland Lab-UMBC)

Captured I. northropi by mist net, band birds and collect DNA blood samples- in remote locations.

Apr -May 2016 Anolis sagrei Speciation Project  

Staniel Cay, Exuma, Conception Bank, Bahamas; mentor: Anthony Geneva (Losos Lab, Harvard)

Capture Anolis Lizards in, remote location

March 2016- Cyclura rileyi Repatriation Relocation Check-up

Pigeon Cay, Exuma, Bahamas; mentors: Sandra Buckner and Jill Jolly

Capture Cyclura rileyi, take DNA blood samples, insert PIT tags, and probe for sex identification and biometrics in remote location


Ecology and population of the Ameiva auberi bilateralis and Ameiva auberi thoracica in Bahamas 

Oral Presentation, 3rd Bahamas National History Conference, Nassau, Bahamas; 2016.

Size and fecundity in the toad Rhinella marina 

Oral Presentation, 2nd Bahamas National History Conference, Nassau, Bahamas, 2014


Bahamas National Trust- Amieva auberi spp and piping plover census Ragged Island, Bahamas ($700.00 awarded), 2016

Donald Gerace Student Presentation Award, Bahamas Natural History Conference.
2nd place, 2016

Donald Gerace Student Presentation Award, Bahamas Natural History Conference.
1st place, 2014


2013-2016- Bahamas National Trust, New Providence, Bahamas
2014, 2015-Christmas Bird Count (Audubon Society), NE New Providence, Bahamas
2010-2014- Bahamas AIDS Foundation


Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences (SPSS) 
Operation of small boats and off-road vehicles in rough terrain
Reptile husbandry 
2017-(certified ) PADI SCUBA Rescue Diver
2016-2018-NOLS Wilderness First Aid
City & Guilds Certificate in Word Processing Techniques Essential First Class Pass
Fluent in Jamaican Patois and Bahamian Creole languages

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